Postdoc at Duke University Statistics



Shiny app to interactively visualize large dendrograms resulting from hierarchical clustering with prototypes. Joint work with Jacob Bien.


Restricted Boltzmann Machines

Steps toward a thorough understanding of the RBM model class and its behavior from the perspective of statistical theory and exploration of the possibility of a rigorous fitting methodology via MCMC.

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A new and fast way to simulate data with Markovian properties, which has provable MCMC geometric ergodicity. Implemented in a flexible R package that allows the user to specify an arbitrary model.



Shiny-based statistics learning application to foster student interest in coding while learning basic statistics. Joint work with Eric Hare.


NCS Dataviz

A graphical tool that allows users to understand variable relationships within the 2012 NCS Vanguard Study dataset. Built using D3. Joint work with Yongeng Lin from NORC.



Graphical Visualization of Communities. A web application for community detection in network data through direct user interaction. Built on Shiny and D3.



Exploratory tool based on 'Soul of the Community' data generated by the Knight Foundation in cooperation with Gallup. Project was winner of the 2013 Data Exposition. Created using Shiny and D3. Joint work with Eric Hare.


Election 2012

Examined campaign contributions and political action committee spending data from the Federal Election Commission, and interpreted for the 2012 election cycle. Joint work with Di Cook, Heike Hofmann, Eric Hare, and Susan VanderPlas.